The kind deed of the pilot. The elderly dogs are saved from the overcrowded shelters 

The pilot uses his free time to help elderly dogs find new homes  🥹🤗

When the shelters are full and there’s no place for animals elderly dogs are especially at risk. And one day a man named Julian saw Christopher, who was given a 24-hour life sentence as the shelter is overcrowded.

And that day Julian considered saving Christopher.

But Julian isn’t a usual animal rescuer. He is one of the pilots from Pet Rescue Pilots and transports rescue dogs all over the US to locate homes for them in different parts of the country. They have saved many lives every year.

The mission of Pet Rescue Pilots is to transport dogs from overcrowded shelters to others, that have free space for them. And Julian also transports dogs to their forever homes and he considered it to be the most rewarding thing in the world.

Julian adores his work because he can save many dogs’ lives and give them better lives. He is overjoyed, that his piloting skills helped him so much.

Julian was happy introducing Christopher with his new family, mother and brother. He was happily finishing another successful mission.

Julian and his coworkers have already saved more than 1500 dogs lives to transport them to different states to help them find their forever homes.

Julian works full time, but he also finds free time to transport sweet dogs to find their happy families.

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