«A role model for all men»: The current appearance of Australian actor Jackman pleasantly surprised his fans

Hugh Jackman with his athletic body showed how men should look in their 50s 🥹😍

Looking at these recent paparazzi shots, it becomes hard to believe that this talented and prominent actor is already 54. He maintains his athletic and attractive body in perfect form thanks to daily workouts.

Apart from his handsome appearance and charisma, the Australian movie star is considered to be one of the nicest, friendliest and most open-hearted men in the film industry.

Comparing the actor and his wife, many started to compliment the man claiming how handsome and attractive he looked.

Many were pleasantly surprised by his current appearance and were sure that he deserved to be called a role model for all men.

It is worth adding that he also loves aerobics and eats from five to six small meals a day.

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