The star of «House M. D.» is unrecognizable: The current appearance of English actor Hugh Laurie attracted millions’ attention

You will be surprised what the «House» star, actor Hugh Laurie looks like at 63

The first episode of the «House M.D.» series based on the story of an eccentric and strange doctor, was released, believe it or not, back in 2014. The leading role was excellently played by prominent English actor Hugh Laurie.

Meanwhile, after the release of the American medical drama, the highly-praised and overall-famous actor ceased to often appear in public and on the screens. Currently, Laurie is already 63. Unlike many stars, he is believed to look his age, even older.

There is no denying that many would hardly recognize the legendary film star with his grayed thick beard and exhausted eyes in the recent photos

Have you watched the popular TV series? Did you like the leading character?

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