«The iconic brunette left herself go»: The way Hollywood actress Eva Longoria has changed over years escaped no one’s attention

Longoria’s pale skin and bags under the eyes made her fans worry about the actress

It is needless to say that charming, talented and overall-recognized Hollywood actress Eva Longoria has never ceased to delight everyone with her brightness, unearthly beauty and gorgeous brunet hair.

The Hollywood star has long been considered a style icon whom many tried to imitate and dreamed of having such a stunning body and attractiveness. However, the 47-year-old actress hasn’t remained the same over these years.

The appearance of Longoria with pale skin and bags under the eyes didn’t let her fans remain indifferent. They immediately began to worry about her health assuming that her exhausted looked accounted for her extremely busy schedule.

Over the years Longoria has gradually lost her enthusiasm as many claim and now some things might be hard for her to do, yet in youth she showed willingness towards many things.

However, the Hollywood star still keeps a healthy diet and, as we can clearly see in the paparazzi photos, her body hasn’t undergone any radical changes.

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