The cat wears sunglasses as a necessity not knowing that his cool look attracts the whole world

The cat with sunglasses is an internet sensation

Bagel is a famous catty who was born with eye defect. The poor animal doesn’t have any eyelids and can’t produce tears. He passed through three eye surgeries and now he has to wear sunglasses every day.

Although it is a necessity for him, many people find it amusing and as a result he is now an internet sensation due to his amazing look.

His caring owner accepted the vet’s advice and made the catty wear sunglasses because they protect his eyes from getting debris, which later can cause blindness.

Luckily, the clever animal seems to understand that it’s useful for him and wears them with great pleasure.

Especially he wears them outside, so many people are captured by him, thinking that he uses them for fun. Despite this, Bagel is so loving and affectionate. He is people’s favourite both in real life and on social media.

Karen adopted the catty when he was just two months old and he became the family’s beloved pet since the first day of his arrival. His caring owner shows everyone that animals with health problems also need human help and care, so adopting them is a way of kindness.

Now this beauty is an internet star and thousands of people follow him on his instagram account. Thanks to his owner’s big support, Bagel overcame all the difficulties and now enjoys his life next to people who love and appreciate him.

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