The breeder was amazed to find out that the newborn bunny wasn’t like his siblings and had no ears

Such an amazing bunny with no ears!

Mila has dealt with many rabbits during her practice, but a month ago, she got an unexpected surprise, when she discovered one of the newborn bunnies had been born without ears.

At first the woman didn’t notice it, because it sometimes happens when rabbits have very small ears, which are even unnoticeable.

When the baby became a bit older, she understood that he differs from his siblings and has no ears. She was amazed by it, however, all the family members fell in love with him and they decided to keep him as a pet.

The family’s four children were so happy to have such a wonderful pet and named him Kat. Although the bunny looks like a cat or a lion cub, he is really cute and adorable.

They also took him to a vet for check up and were informed that the bunny was in a great health condition.

He is very famous on social media for his unique appearance and a great number of people are attracted by him.

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