«Nothing is impossible to a willing heart»: This heroic woman without arms gave birth to a baby and lives her life to the fullest

This is how this armless woman’s daughter she gave birth 3 years ago looks now

Meet this heroic, amazing and strong-willed woman named Sarah who does absolutely everything with the help of her feet including cleaning, cooking, taking care of her little daughter and even applying makeup.

Regardless of all the difficulties, obstacles and challenges, this determined Belgian woman attended a college and even experienced the delights of motherhood.

In 2018, her adorable daughter came into this world forever changing her mother’s life.

Sarah doesn’t even want to remember the father of her daughter who, being unable to withstand the difficulties, heartlessly left both his chosen one and their one-year-old daughter making Sarah a single mother.

However, she is being an exemplary, devoted and caring mother who is eager to do anything possible for the sake of her precious baby.

«She is absolutely adorable!», «I can’t even imagine how strong, determined and strong-willed this woman is», «Hope you will find the one who will never leave».

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