The nine-year-old boy found a newborn puppy and what he did changed its life completely  

The child did what others would never do!

One day when nine years old Zhenya was coming home from school, he heard a strange voice coming through the nearby bushes. He rushed to see what it was and there he discovered a newborn creature. At first he thought that it was a kitten but then realised that he found a puppy.

The baby’s eyes were still closed and it was obvious that he had been born just several hours ago, so he needed quick support. Zhenya immediately took the puppy home. His mother was confused to see the little creature, but the only thing she could do was to take care of him.

Because the woman didn’t know how to look after the puppy and what to do with him at first, she hurried to a pet store to get some information about his food and care.

The little animal needed to drink milk with bottle, because he was too small to eat by himself. The woman and her son began to look after the canine providing him with everything he needed.

When the dog became a bit older, it turned out that he is a Chihuahua. They named him Bonya.

There is no need to say what would happen with the dog, if the caring boy didn’t notice and save him. Fortunately, it didn’t happen, and now the canine is safe and happy in his loving family.

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