“Changed beyond recognition”: The extra 10 kilos Lada Del Rey has gained during the quarantine left her fans speechless

Iconic Lana Del Rey is being heavily criticized for extra kilos she has gained

Many would surely relate that the quarantine has actually had a huge direct impact on all of us, including the overall-recognized celebrities as well. Meanwhile, it was actually us who should determine what kind of effect, positive of negative, it would have on the quality of our lives. The thing is that some gained a lot of weight or stopped taking care of their appearance becoming totally unrecognizable, whereas some managed to become more self-disciplined leaving everyone speechless with the best version of themselves.

It should be noted that popular and successful celebrities have undergone dramatic changes as well. Recently, paparazzi were lucky enough to catch Lana next to a grocery store who literally left everyone speechless with her unkempt appearance.

The legendary singer appeared in mini shorts proudly demonstrating her extra 10 kilos. Meanwhile, what actually caused the biggest surprise was that the woman had no cellulite seen on her legs despite the extra weight.

“How is it even possible”, “How has she managed to gain so much weight during this short period of time?”.

Many netizens strongly advised her to go on crushing diets and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think the singer has changed beyond recognition?

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