The new worker of the bar, who attracts visitors’ attention

A very popular dog, who adores sleeping on the tables 

A young manager named Kate McLennan and her dog named Bobo both work in her business every day. The four legged employee has a badge and enjoys his work.

When his owner asked to being the dog to work, Bobo began working at the bar in 2020. As the dog was very small the employer allowed and didn’t regret for it, because the dog made the bar very popular.

Visitors adore Bobo, although he is an employee. Dog often forgets about the work and sleeps at the counter. She uses them in his games with his beloved toys, which Kate brought for him.

Even on the busiest day at the bar Bobo can calmly sleep in the middle of the bar. Kids are very happy with him. For example one small kid asks her father to bring her to the bar every weekend, as she wants to meet the amusing dog.

And also Bobo has many fans online, as his owner shares many photos and videos of him in his own Internet account.

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