Sweet kittens, who learned feline curiosity and developed courage in the shelter

Shelter life helped the kittens make many friends and expand their social skills

Two sweet kittens were watching the office workers from the window. They both eagerly hugged each other. And one of the workers remembered seeing them at a nearby park a few days ago.

But unfortunately only two of the six kittens and their mother are still alive. They immediately fled when they saw humans. But when one of the workers placed a sausage there they immediately smelled it and came back.

And they ate all the sausage without hesitation. The workers of the office considered to call the shelter. The kittens were a brother and a sister, who hugged each other and didn’t want to let go. They played, ate, slept and hugged together.

They were named Massa and Chamma. The kitten’s immediately became accustomed to the new place. And they developed their courage and their natural feline curiosity, which helped them learn more about their surroundings.

And all of this helped them to make friends and expand their social skills.

The volunteers of the shelter tried to find owners, who would agree to take the brother and sister together in order to prevent them from being apart.

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