“Born with unusually lush hair”: This amazing child born with extremely lush hair won’t let you stay indifferent

This is how the absolutely unique boy born with unusually lush hair looks now

Here is absolutely unique and adorable baby boy named Junior who was born with such unusually thick and lush hair. All the doctors’ prediction that his hair would soon fall out appeared to be completely wrong and the boy’s hair grew even thicker in the course of time.

The unique baby’s mother Chelsea admitted that no matter where she goes with her heir, absolutely no one can stay indifferent towards the amazing boy. People often ask Chelsea whether they may touch his gorgeous hair or photograph with him and though Junior likes much attention towards him, the woman gets a little irritated and confused.

It took the woman three years to determine to get her son’s long and lush hair cut and this is how the adorable child looks now. Unluckily, his hair is not so lush and thick as before, yet he has remained the same cute and open-hearted kid whom millions admire.

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