The old dog gets the things he adores most on his birthday. He feels satisfied!

Great attention towards shelter animals!

This adorable dog named Boba had a loving family and spent most of his life with them. He loved his human parents and got the same attitude from them. But once his family had to move to another city, and they sent their pet to the shelter.

Boba turned to be so cute and friendly, who enjoyed playing with other animals and socialised with almost everyone.
Although he sleeps much more than the young animals, he is very playful and looks like others.

He likes to sleep a lot, because he is old enough and gets tired early. He can sleep on the floor, on the couch and on the places he finds comfortable.

Every year the staff celebrates his birthday making him happy and satisfied. He gets what he loves most: goodies and a snooze. And can you imagine how happy he feels after it?

The workers make all the animals at the shelter happy. They know these poor creatures need their support and they do their best to make their lives better.

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