“How Thumberlina would look if she was real”: This absolutely unique girl’s height is only 133 cm

Asta is considered the world’s smallest girl whose height is only 133 cm

Here you meet Asta Young who is a resident in Hong Kong and is regarded one of the smallest girls on Earth being only 133 cm tall. The absolutely unique girl has even been considered “the Thumberline in real life” due to her non-standard appearance.

It is worth mentioning that she has faced a lot of difficulties and obstacles on her way. While a schoolgirl, Asta was constantly being laughed at and her classmates considered her unique without letting her join them and be a part of the class.

As a result, Asta became reserved, thoughtful and aloof from all the others. Even after she grew up, graduated from school and found a job, she still couldn’t get over her complexes and was insecure about her unusual appearance. Whereas after a while, she eventually became more self-confident and learnt to accept herself the way she was.

It is relevant to mention that she always had a cherished dream – to be a cosplayer which became her main motivation to chase her goals and ambitions becoming the best version of herself. Everyone was delighted with Asta’s talent and charisma and the girl soon gained popularity. Asta became the prime example of how one can archive their goals and dreams no matter what.

Now, Asta has a family, a loving husband who simply admires her appearance.



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