“An entirely new world opens in the basement!”: The buyers were left speechless seeing the basement of the mansion

This luxurious mansion’s basement turned out to be full of hidden secrets

Today, we are going to tell you about a luxurious mansion located in the suburbs of Washington covering about 1. 5 acres.

It is worth mentioning that the basement of the house turned out to be full of secrets.

The whole house covers approximately 1100 square meters and looks literally impeccable both from the outside and the inside. While constructing the mansion, pricey and natural materials of high quality were applied.

It should be noted that the luxurious mansion has ten fireplaces, eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a two-story cooking area as well as a modern and huge library with wall-to-wall bookshelves, a luxurious dining room, a cool music room and a laundry room.

What is more, one can find private grounds containing a comfy guest house, an outdoor pool and a cool lighted tennis court.

But the most interesting begins with entering its basement. Once you go into it, it seems as if an entirely new world opens to you since it looks like a stone-paves walkway or a storefront looking very realistic.

The dark ceiling was specially designed for imitating the night sky and there one will find several retro cars as well. If you are interested, it was Patrick Cullinan who worked on its design.

How did you like the luxurious mansion?

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