“Pure paternal love”: Heartwarming photos proving that Cooper is the most caring and devoted father

The way Cooper treats his little daughter from Shayk will melt your heart

The way devoted and caring father Bradley Cooper treats and takes care of his adorable heiress will melt absolutely everyone’s heart.

It is worth mentioning that Cooper and Shayk had their daughter in 2017, yet in two years announced their divorce. Despite their split, the ex-spouses promised to take good care of their little daughter providing her with carefree childhood years. We would like to mention that the man is far from being “the Sunday father” for Lea, instead, he spends most of his time with her.

It should be noted that Bradley turned out to be a dedicated and caring father who gives all his affection and tenderness to his precious daughter.

Many pointed out that Lea is the exact copy of her mother, a popular model from Russia.

Their strolls won’t let anyone stay indifferent and their bond seems totally inseparable.

Hugh Jackman’s adorable dog they happily met!

The way he takes care of and dedicates his life to his heiress is literally priceless.

It seems as if this heartwarming photo was taken from a Christmas movie in New York.

Nothing on Earth can be compared with their strong relationship.

What do you think of them?

The paparazzi mentioned that Bradley is an ideal father and, regardless of her parents’ divorce, when Lea is with her father, she completely belongs to him.

We would like to mention that the cutie attends a school where the Russian language is taught as well.

Ready for the quarantine!

Being with the daddy is her safest and most favorite place.

And it is time for merry-go-round!

It is worth mentioning that the man rushed to move to New York to be closer to his child.

Always there to support her.

Spending a lot of time together!

Little Lea is well-aware of the dangerous diseases and is eager to wear a mask as soon as she goes out.

And here are their Hollywood looks from “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

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