You shouldn’t be thin to be attractive. A model with a doll face, stunned followers with a full-length shot  

Luya is a well-known Instagram model.

Over 3 million network users have subscribed to the girl’s updates. Agree, not every Hollywood diva can boast of such impressive numbers. It should be mentioned that many fans of the model have never seen the full shot of Luya, enjoying the shots of her handsome face.

I think you will be astonished no less than illiterate admirers of beauty. Not so long ago, the model appeared before the followers in all her glory, showing off her figure. “Wow!”,

“Suddenly, however”, “Kardashian nervously smokes on the side”, “Very attractive and spectacular”, “You shouldn’t be thin to be attractive”, “What beautiful chubby”, “Hourglass” and “So sweet.”

“Attractive”, “And I really like the character Luya”, and “Amazing girl,” commented netizens. And I would like to know your point of view. What do you say, friends?

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