“Still inseparable after 22 years!”: Here is one of the most influential couples, Brosnan and Keely

This is how the wife of Brosnan looks with whom the actor is still madly in love

It is no secret that it has already been more than two decades that the legendary and beautiful couple is inseparable and stays loyal towards each other. Though Keely, the beloved wife of the film star, has changed beyond recognition gaining extra weight, the devoted man still seems to be madly in love with her and stays loyal.

However, the recent photos of the woman taken by the paparazzi literally shocked the whole world as she, according to the netizens, has become plump and looks totally unattractive.

There could be found such opinions as “He is likely to have love affairs”, “He is definitely a good and decent man”, “How adorable they are as a couple!”, “What did he find in her?”.

What can you say about her appearance?

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