Our today’s heroes, a friendly dog and a crazy cat, have formed a strong bond, proving to everyone that cats and dogs can be loyal friends

Here is a great example of the fact that cats and dogs are not enemies.

Many of you think that cats and dogs are enemies, and they cannot get along with each other, but this is not true, because we’ve already shown a great number of cases of a strong friendship between these unlike creatures.

Our today’s heroes, a friendly dog and a loyal cat, prove to you once more that they can become inseparable friends.

It’s not a secret that cats enjoy licking themselves, but this cat adores to cuddle and lick his best friend, a cute dog, too.
As for the dog, he lets the catty cuddle him whenever he wants, and it seems this makes the dog happy.

This couple feels great next to each other and enjoys their lives together. They eat, play and sleep together.
So wonderful!

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