Elephant, despondently calling for assistance, leads saviors to a stranded baby 

Elephants are considered to be highly intelligent as well as social beings.

So naturally, when it comes to their kids, these majestic creatures are quite defensive as well as will do anything in order to keep their calves secure, even from other groups.

A few months later, an elderly baby elephant was stuck in a concrete pit in Thailand, and his mother was despondent to assist him. But sadly, she was not able to do it alone, so she cries out for assistance because her child’s life is at stake.

The elephant’s cry for assistance gathered a group of people who didn’t know what had occurred. But they shortly realized that the enormous elephant was attempting to explain something to them.

The situation worsened after the elephant got too close to the electric barrier. When he lost consciousness, people hurried to turn off the electricity to assist his return. Only then did they understand the goal of the elephant.

When the elephant revived the latter led the saviors to the location where his helpless baby was stuck.

The tiny being was trapped for a number of hours in a tiny hole full of mud.

Therefore, the saviors had to hurry to get him out, but it was not an easy task. The scared, tired baby elephant began to panic, it could not be worse. Saviors have begun to dig a hole, but they need to be quite attentive in order not to damage the tiny creature.

According to the mother of the elephant, a group of people eventually managed to get to the stuck calf.

Even in exhaustion, the baby somehow finds the power to escape. After being saved, he is still messed up because he cannot see his mother, but as soon as he spots her, he runs to her. He realized he was secure again.

Watch the thrilling salvation below.

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