“Before and after”: This is how the faces of famous stars have changed due to surgeries, time and age

Here is what changes celebrities’ faces underwent due to age and surgeries

Time undoubtedly has power upon absolutely everyone and everything: people, circumstances, situations, opinions and so on. And there is no need to mention that celebrities and world famous stars are far not an exception. Moreover, it is, in fact, mostly them who undergo radical changes from time to time. When we look at the photos of popular stars “before and after”, we can clearly witness how they faces have changed in the course of time. What is more, they may have changed due to various factors: the loss of weight, plastic surgeries, age or everything together. The main thing is that the changes in their appearance are visible and radical.


Ch. Moretz

Kendall Jenner

Kylie Jenner

N. Cyrus



B. Spears

Rose Depp

G. Stefani

T. Swift

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