A senior kitty, who had just 2 teeth had never felt love

A poor kitten, who had never be loved

A 12-year-old toothless ginger cat Steve had never felt love before meeting with Taylor.

Taylor discovered Steve in a place, where people go to dump cats. She quickly understood, that Steve needed assistance and love.

This big cat had just two teeth, which made it hard to feed.

“When he came he was really beaten up, we were sure, that he had an incident with other cats. He also had an eye infection, but happily it was treated and cleared up.”

“We also have a kitten named Lip, whose tail must be removed. And also a dog was found by the road with frog legs and a kitten with one eye.”

Steve can freely walk in the farm, but he didn’t want to meet with Taylor’s other rescue cats, although he’s already formed a strong connection with Taylor and her daughter.

Steve also has its own “home”. Taylor and her husband built it for him. There Steve can sleep on cold winter days.

As Steve has only two teeth left, Taylor prepares special meals for him.

Steve adores eating from the can with the help of his paw, which acts like a spoon.

And here’s a video of Steve:

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