An officer lies down on the street in order to calm down his beloved horse in the ultimate seconds of her life 

What should have been a regular day at the office for a cop and his trusty riding buddy has turned into a nightmare.

As a result of a horrible occurrence, a four-legged officer was mortally injured. Lying on the ground, the miserable horse was living out his ultimate seconds, when he was calmed down by a fellow, in a very tragic view.

Facebook/Houston Police Section

Comrades, in the four years since she was with the Houston Police Section, Charlotte, and Officer D. Herrejon had been serving the streets of the city as soon as something horrible occurred. Unexpectedly the horse got excited and ran directly into the center of the street, where he was hit by a van. Officer Herrejon, who at last fell on his back when he was shocked, looked on in incredulity. But, sadly, it was too late for the police horse.

With a fractured leg as well as other damages, Charlotte was taking her ultimate breath direct in the center of the street. The despondent Officer Herrejon could not believe his eyes, but all he could do was support his loyal colleague in his final seconds. So, he lay down on the bottom next to Charlotte, put his arm around her neck, and laid his head on her neck and calmed her down a little. A really heartening moment when these two shared an awesome connection.

During that day, the Houston Police Section verified that their devoted police horse was missing as well as honored his memory with a heartening Facebook post.

Facebook/Animal Equity Coalition

“It is with a solid heart that we declare the passing of Charlotte, an HPD Mounted Service Horse who died in the call of duty this morning…” the post includes. “Charlotte came to HPD as an uninitiated 2-year-old Tennessee Walker from Oklahoma… She admired her job and was always willing to go to work, put bad guys in prison or hand out gnomes to kids. She served the residents of Houston for 4 years. We will miss her.”

The police section also shared a number of shots of Charlotte serving the residents of Houston.

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