Diaz finally revealed her natural look showing herself without plastic surgeries and Botox

This is how 49-year-old Diaz looks without any surgeries and Botox

At the age of 49, Diaz stopped undergoing any plastic surgeries and turning to any beauty procedures including Botox.

Recently, the charming woman, accompanied with her beloved husband Benji Madden, delighted absolutely everyone appearing in public.

The well-known and beloved star from “Charlie’s Angels” was seen in London with her partner with whom she has an adorable heir named Raddix.

Though she hasn’t undergone any surgeries and done Botox for a relatively long time, Diaz still manages to look much younger than she actually is. According to the woman, one of the basic secrets to “ageless” beauty is love. What is more, the couple is soon going to celebrate their 7th anniversary.

Not long ago, it was found out that the star was going to return to the cinema and will take part in the movie “Again Again” with Fox.

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