A kitten hid in the navy pilot’s car bumper and traveled 300 miles

The adventurous cat, that became the navy’s mascot

A pilot of the 814 Naval Air Squadron named Nick Lieutenant discovered a cat while he was going to the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose in Cornwall.

“I had gone into Birmingham after a vocation and traveled through Bristol and Bath before arriving in Cornwall.”

Nick told: “I searched everywhere, but still couldn’t find the place from where the noise was heard. I asked some of our air engineers to help me.”

Most people wouldn’t think of pulling apart their car for an unusual noise, but Nick found a little tiger-stripped cat after removing his back bumper.

Happily the little animal was able to survive the long voyage.

“I am always on time for work, so I had to took the baby with me. He likes my flight helmet, where he was able to sleep.”

The commander of Flying Tigers Brendan Spoors told: “We are fortunate to have “Tigger” as a mascot, as it is a tradition for us to have a ships cat.”

Tigger is small, but he is very brave and adventurous.”

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