“Not suitable for Prince”: People criticized the girlfriend of Prince Nikolai for her appearance

Prince’s girlfriend is disliked by the people who think she is not suitable

The Prince of Denmark and his girlfriend are currently in the focus of everyone’s attention. The people strongly believe that she is not suitable for Nikolai and shouldn’t be by his side.

The girl is only 1 year older than Prince but looks much older. She is heavily criticized for her appearance and “imperfect” figure.

The famous couple first encountered and got known to each other while they were still studying at Herlufsholm School and, since then, they have been together.

The current appearance of the girl caused a storm of discussions and a lot of questions on the network.

The fans of the royal family believe that they are not suitable for each other at all. In addition, the girl looks much older than she really is.

Whereas people hold the opinion that true love knows no boundaries and, most importantly, they unconditionally love each other.

What can you say?

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