The affiliation process failed and miserable Vicente was broken-hearted 

Every dog ​​has a desire to be provided with a forever sweet home with the kind and amiable people.

So, when that happy day arrived the excited dog was dressed in a tuxedo in order to have an appropriate appearance for that awaited occasion.

Vicente, a three-month-old rejected puppy, was waiting for the arrival of his people, but, sadly, they never did.

All documents were already prepared for affiliation, but at the last moment, the family changed their mind and did not come.

The affiliation process failed and miserable Vicente was broken-hearted.

The haven personnel was very upset as well. They captured a picture of a dressed-up, unhappy puppy and posted it on the Internet with his sad story.

The reactions were stirring. Many expressed compassion, rapture as well as good wishes for the dog.

There were a number of proposals for affiliation as well.

However, this time the Rescátame Fund had to be extremely strict as well as attentive with all offers related to the affiliation of little Vincent, thus trying to avoid disappointment in the future.

The haven personnel had a desire to provide their furs with caring as well as good families so that they could be guaranteed a secure and joyful life.

At last, after a thorough search, Vicente found an eternal home.

The refuge posted on its social media accounts that Vicente had already been affiliated by an incredible family.

This statement broke many hearts. However, there are a number of charming puppies waiting for their families at the haven.

Presently Vicente is enjoying his new life and is very joyful.

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